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Extend your reach beyond the big screen and augment your messaging by advertising on KTVA’s digital properties.

Speak with an account executive today about putting together a digital advertising strategy that works for your brand’s image. 

Align Your Brand online with the BEST NEWSCAST in Alaska!

Frequency: The online news consumer spends more than twice as many hours online than a general user and are three times as likely as general users to be online during the workday when out of reach of other traditional media. 

Credibility: Branded content brings a higher quality audience. A study from the Online Publishers Association showed that news audiences were more likely to buy products and services advertised on reputable sites. 

Targeted: Our users are local Alaskans; reach local customers in their homes and offices. 


Purchasing power: Forty percent of online news viewers have incomes higher than $75,000; 69 percent own their homes. 

Content: Excluding e-mail, the most popular online activities include viewing local news and sports. Fifty-four percent of general internet users visit online news sites for local news.


Reinforcement: Sixty-nine percent of online news viewers also have watched the news in the past five days. Repetition increases awareness.


Mix: A variety of studies demonstrate the power of online, when included in a mix with traditional media, to enhance the brand message. Television advertising and online advertising combined have the highest penetration and most desirable audience of any other local medium. Display Ads    | Feature Pages    | Video Preroll    

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