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Television Delivers Return on Investment


The average American spends over 33 hours per week watching television.
Source: Nielsen Cross-Platform Report

Television’s reach and influence among U.S. adults is unmatched by any other medium. It has consistently been shown to be more engaging, memorable, and effective than other traditional advertising mediums.

Connect with consumers on multiple levels.


Video utilizes sight, sound and emotions, connecting directly to a consumer. Your TV ad becomes more memorable than any other. Work with our experienced production team to craft a message that customers not only relate to , but will remember. 

The Big Screen drives the Little Screens.


A report, created by Deloitte, found that TV ads are the primary generator of website traffic for new and returning customers. "Multi-screening" is a common practice today with up to 41% of people watching TV while also using their laptop, smartphone, or tablet. And what do they use them for? Following up on advertisements or get additional information about a program they saw... on television. 

It's how consumers learn about products & businesses. 
Source: TVB Media Comparisons Study,


Television commercials are memorable & credible for viewers. Television remains the advertising medium that consumers point to when it comes to learning about products and brands. TV advertising gives you sight, sound, motion and message. Very few mediums can do all these at once, and none can do it as well as television.


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